As a testing ground for a potential full-scale responsive redesign, SunTrust wanted to test the idea first on a small but important section of their website.

The Personal Banking Resource Center is a collection of articles, videos and white papers customers can access when researching more about certain banking topics. They are constantly added to and updated to stay fresh and relevant.

For this prototype, a full team of UX, Design and Development folks worked directly with the client in their Agile process. Each sprint focused on various necessities of the prototype and the final product has been implemented into their existing site.

My involvement included working with a fellow designer to flesh out the overall style and then build the prototype based on the wireframes developed by the UX team. The prototype was built on top of Zurb's Foundation framework and included 9 different templates to cover the needs of the site.

When viewing the prototype, click on any link to advance to the next template.

view the prototype

view the prototype

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