If the term “design legend” can be given to anyone, Paul Rand is certainly that. His industry-changing career, spanning over 60 years, generated some of the most iconic and longest-lasting works—more than any other designer. From his early days in advertising creating ads for clients like El Producto and Stafford Fabrics to his later years in identity work creating logos for IBM, ABC and UPS, Rand’s work is timeless and based on the fundamental principles of art and aesthetics.

It was in 2005, while living in Connecticut, that I was looking for some design leadership and inspiration. I turned to the internet to learn more about Mr. Rand’s life and work but was amazed at the lack of information available. From that point on I took it upon myself to curate, build and promote his work and writings on the web so that generations of young designers may learn from this great master.

Since it’s launch, the site has garnered attention around the world and been praised and accepted by Mrs. Marion Rand herself. It is meant to be an educational source and to pay the utmost respect to Mr. Rand’s life, work and legacy.


The site is built on the responsive framework “Foundation”, created by the good people at Zurb.
It is also running on the popular CMS ExpressionEngine to maintain content.

visit paul-rand.com


visit paul-rand.com

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