Yahoo-Publicis Hack Day

In June of 2012, Yahoo and Publicis hosted a hack day in their New York City offices. A collection of teams from various Publicis agencies gathered to learn about Yahoo technologies and create a project using them within the next 24 hours.

After staying up all night, I was fortunate enough to be on the winning team. Our project was a mash-up of Pinterest, Google Maps and YUI technologies combined to create a geo-located digital bus stop billboard.

The concept was that while you're waiting for your bus, you can explore local businesses in the nearby vicinity. The information is scraped from a Pinterest board and includes store information, a map with directions and QR code to save the information.

Categories includes grocers, bookstores, jewelers, clothiers, & restaurants.

Masonry.js was used to constantly rotate content and maintain visual interest.


launch live demo

“Team Porkchop” consisted of myself, Dave Chui, Thomas Heller and Jamie Pederson.


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